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                              Company system, perfect management system, through the quality system certification, 14001:2004 ISO environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. For many years, the company won the outstanding construction enterprises in Yixing city, Yixing city on the contribution of enterprises, Wuxi City, the contract and keep credit AAA enterprises, and in 2013 to become the first batch of Wuxi won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued by the construction of the construction of the credit contract.

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                              Wuxi Shengda construction and Installation Engineering Company Limited is located in the Yangtze River Delta, Yixing city dingshuzhen pottery Taihu sea.

                                    Company was founded in 2001, enterprise level of qualification for housing construction installation engineering general contracting construction level, municipal engineering general contracting, building decoration engineering design and construction of secondary, engage in the qualification certificate within the scope permitted by the corresponding construction engineering general contracting business and engineering design, engineering construction, project management and related technical and management services. Foundation of professional contracting two, steel structure professional contracting two, mechanical and electrical equipment installation professional contracting three, fire facilities engineering contract three, anti-corrosion insulation engineering contract three. Company registered capital of 65 million yuan, have different titles of technical and economic management personnel 405 people, all kinds of registered construction division 59 people, the existing machinery and equipment 186 units (sets), 8250 kilowatts of total power, mainly 19 sets of various types of tower crane, well shaped frame and concrete mixers and transportation vehicles such as all kinds of construction machinery.




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