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        • Sheng Da architecture

        About US

        Company system, perfect management system, through the quality system certification, 14001:2004 ISO environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. For many years, the company won the outstanding construction enterprises in Yixing city, Yixing city on the contribution of enterprises, Wuxi City, the contract and keep credit AAA enterprises, and in 2013 to become the first batch of Wuxi won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued by the construction of the construction of the credit contract.

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            With the construction and installation industry competition intensified, the large building installation enterprise M & A integration and capital operation has become more and more frequent, excellent domestic construction installation production enterprises is getting more and more attention to the research on the market, especially in-depth study on enterprise development environment and customer demand trends change. Because of this, a large number of outstanding domestic construction brand rise rapidly, gradually become a leader in the industry of construction and installation!

            Construction and installation industry is an important material production sector of the national economy, it has a close relationship with the development of the entire national economy and the improvement of people's life. Since 2001, China's macro economy into a new round of cycles, the construction and installation industry is closely related to the whole society fixed asset investment (FAI) sales growth continued in more than 15% of the high, resulting in the construction industry output value and profit total growth in the high volatility in 20% of the. With the rapid development of the construction industry, after years of market rectification, system construction and effective supervision, the construction market of our country is entering the track of healthy development, can be described as bright strobe.

            2010 full year, China's total social construction industry added value of 26451 yuan, an increase of 12.6% over the previous year. The total contract and professional contracting construction enterprises with qualification grade 342 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 25.9%, and its state-owned holding enterprises 99 billion yuan, an increase of 35%.

        In 2011, China's construction industry maintained steady growth, achieved a total output value of 1.18 trillion yuan, an increase of 22.6%; realize the added value of 3.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 10%, accounting for 6.78% of the gross domestic product (GDP); amount of foreign contracted projects 1034.2 billion, an increase of 12.2%. China's construction industry in the national economy, the role of the pillar is more obvious, to achieve a good start in the "12th Five-Year" period.

            In the first half of 2012, the total output value of China's construction industry began to fall. 2012 first half of the year, the national construction industry output value of 50460 yuan, an increase of 18.2%; construction area of housing construction area of square meters, an increase of 19.5%. Since 2006, the total output value of the construction industry for the first time below 20%.

            The next 50 years, China's urbanization rate will increase to more than 76%, the city's contribution to the entire national economy will reach more than 95%. The development of metropolitan area, urban agglomeration, urban belt and central city indicates the rapid development of urbanization in China, and it also indicates that the construction industry is coming soon.

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