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                              Company system, perfect management system, through the quality system certification, 14001:2004 ISO environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. For many years, the company won the outstanding construction enterprises in Yixing city, Yixing city on the contribution of enterprises, Wuxi City, the contract and keep credit AAA enterprises, and in 2013 to become the first batch of Wuxi won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued by the construction of the construction of the credit contract.

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                                   Construction safety points: 1, the accident is not difficult, mainly to the rules. 2, busy work, forget safety; human life, safety first. 3, the safety of you and I, I, peace and happiness depend on everyone. 4, you talk about human violations, accidents do not benefit you. 5, quality is the continuous power of development, quality is the basic guarantee of safety. 6, quality is the life of the enterprise, quality is the reliable guarantee of efficiency. 7, quality awareness in my mind, the quality of products in my hands. 8, the implementation of environmental responsibility, improve environmental protection system. 9, environment and human coexistence, development and protection of synchronization. 10, raise the awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection to become citizens. 11, the earth my home, environmental protection by everyone. 12, security from the vigilance, accident from paralysis. 13, would rather thousand days carefully, not a day to the effect. 14, for you and your family's happiness, please pay attention to safety.

                                  Main cap when there will be a final acceptance. Acceptance content is the content of the data to read the completion of supervision, supervision and supervision of the contents of the reading. Quality supervision station responsible for acceptance inspection. Will be around the floor. Quibble.
                                  To send data quality supervision station acceptance, approval before seen archives. These two places to have acquaintances, good service. After the foundation of the construction of the foundation structure and the main structure of the acceptance, there is a basic structure acceptance work. Subject after the completion of the main acceptance.

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